A total eclipse happened this week and the country was in awe.
As I look at the events in my life this week, I am in awe.
There has been a movement of significance that I have experienced.

The moon made its way between earth and sun and bit by bit the light was diminished.
The depth and breadth of my “3rd life” moved through my awareness and it’s light was amplified.
As the moon was altering perceptions, so too was my gratitude for what “has been” in the life I am leaving.

As the progression toward darkness became apparent, the amazement of nature was so inspiring.
As my acceptance of moving forward is embraced, I am feeling a “4th life” calling that is quite compelling.
The power of nature was clearly apparent and power of new creation is becoming evident.

At its apex, the moon held the sun and earth in perfect balance, showing all a rare moment of awareness in total daylight darkness.
In the moment, my own awareness of this life transition from “what was” to “what can be”, is so heightened it feels like an act of soul-level nature I have never known.
Held in eclipse darkness for just a minute in nature and seeing the momentary possibility of new light through my soul’s eyes, brings a sense of wonder like no other.

Nature then was able to show us that darkness will give way to light, as the unstoppable planetary movement continued.
The call from within my soul is so clear, that to stand by and watch is the last thing that I can imagine happening.
Darkness gives way to light as the sun reasserts its physical presence and light becomes visible through the darkness my soul has eclipsed in this year-long journey through grief.

As the brightness of eclipsed daylight returned, the joys of an amazing experience were heard so clearly.
As the significance of creating my new life is realized, the surge of pure excitement and joy race through my entire being.
Joy in nature, joy in my own evolution, joy in all facets of life call me and each of us to stay vigilant to “what is”, in this moment.

In the full light of day, what is apparent that has not been seen or appreciated fully?
In the emerging light from within, what new facets can be allowed to shine if only I will stay present to what wants to happen?
The empowering sense of possibility that is now opening to me, the soul-deep excitement that it brings and the calm within my entire being, all tell me the best could really be next.

How is that possible with the life I have just experienced?
How can I let myself even think those thoughts?
It is all possible because I am letting go of the thinking and trusting all that is happening within me….and simply paying attention in each glorious moment …. and then the next.

I let the energy of that realization flow freely throughout my body.
I accept this new place completely.
I stand open, I feel the opening and I honor all that the openness is bringing.