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Let unconditional love take the lead.

We’ve all heard life is a journey. What if we begin to see that journey as a series of opportunities to look at and learn from our own profound experiences of love, loss, and grief, such that we find transformation and renewal in our journey? And what can happen when we become intentional about boldly pursuing deep compassion for self and others to reveal the powerful reality of unconditional love?

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“My experience with unconditional love has included finding it, losing it, grieving over it, searching again for it, and ultimately discovering that I’ve had it within me all the time. I believe that each of us have it in us all the time … although it just may be out of sight.”

Through a series of personal reflections and short stories, author John Davis will lead you on an expedition toward an intentionally bold pursuit of presence, deeper compassion and the ultimate acceptance and awareness of unconditional love, both for yourself and for others.

This book will meet you where you are in your own journey of dealing with loss, grief, or self-acceptance. The author knows what it’s like to have loved, to have lost, and how it can seem there is no way forward. Join him on a journey to turn ordinary life into a life in which unconditional love takes the lead. And discover that, although a fully conscious and present life may seem to be out of sight, it is within reach.

What Readers are Saying

“John Davis has written an amazing book, especially for anyone who has experienced many ups and downs in their life and is looking for a guide to help them learn from their own journey through life.  John leads the reader through the loss and loves of his life and how he used each one as an opportunity to learn unconditional love for himself and others.” 

– Mike Snider, author – STAR Leadership and Seeking the Light 

“Your book is amazing! It’s so real with raw emotions – and I am not afraid to tell you it brought genuine tears in places. Clearly written from the heart, and your journey will resonate with so many.” 

– Wendy Hahn

Leadership coach John S. Davis shares the lessons he’s learned about emotional-awareness and the power of unconditional love during various stages in his THE LIFETIMES OF A JOURNEY. It’s clear that the process of writing THE LIFETIMES OF A JOURNEY has been cathartic for Davis ... it ultimately feels more like … a journal … meant for a broader audience.

– IndieReader Review 

“Having lost his beloved wife and life partner several years ago, John travels inward through what he calls “several lifetimes,” while he grieves and explores who he is and has become, all leading towards discovering the liberating experience of unconditional self-love. If you are in search of self-understanding and a deep appreciation of who you are, this book is for you.”

– Judy Dubin, author – Fired for Success, Courageous Conversations®

“John’s subtitle, “My Amazing Journey of Coming Alive and the Power of Unconditional Love” is what this book is about. Buckle up to take the journey with John as he shares his thoughts, ideas and feelings that bubbled up from his life experiences, his pain in those experiences and the lessons learned from each of those experiences. If you want a model of how to think about your life, your gifts, your experiences, your future, this is the book for you. I believe it is a must read for all who seek to find and give unconditional love.”

– Laura Herring, author – No Fear Allowed

“I think about my mission of creating a world of unconditional love and my own life being filled with it.”

“Refreshingly, Davis humbly admits his mistakes and challenges along the path to unconditional love and acceptance of self and others. Those who wish to achieve self-acceptance and explore masculine sensitivity may gravitate to this insightful self-help memoir.”

— Heather Brooks, US Review of Books

“If you think you understand unconditional love, you might want to read this book as it is so much more than I thought.  John’s journeys through life allows the reader to experience love from many perspectives with self-love being the state that allows one to truly move forward to experience all life has to offer.”

– Sharon Fiehler, Founder ABC to CEO

“In The Lifetimes of a Journey John Davis describes how grieving a river of tears taught him to accept all that life offers, to love without conditions, and to swim in an ocean of un-conditional love. This is a wonderful, inspiring story. Highly recommended.”

– Robert J. Tallon, author of The Enneagram Connection and Awareness to Action

“Davis’s memoir – a reflective account of love, loss, and growth that edges into heartfelt self-help – is aimed toward readers eager to “look for the possibility of unconditional love in each day.” What shines through: Davis has shaped this impassioned guide to introduce others to the possibility of love without conditions. Takeaway: One man’s journey through love, loss, and spiritual fulfillment – and how to find unconditional self-love.”

– BookLife Review, Publishers Weekly

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My Pandemic Project

I am so excited to share with you a project I have been working on for the past year+.

The Lifetimes of a Journey

When I started, I thought this book was to be a reflection on the life that I shared with my late wife, Kathy.

Imagine a World

I can imagine a world where it is possible to experience unconditional love, every day.

About John Davis

John believes in the power of personal transformation because he has witnessed it firsthand, both personally and professionally. As Managing Partner of The Cramer Institute, John works with Fortune 100 organizations to guide them through unique times of transition by coaching leaders in impactful communication, influence, self-awareness, team building, and conflict resolution. Along with his 31-year-career of organizational development and management, John serves his community as a training staff member for the Mankind Project, an international nonprofit for men focused on personal growth and leadership development. John is an adjunct staff member for the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) in St. Louis, facilitating programs that use the arts to foster enhanced creativity within organizations. John holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and an MBA from Southern Illinois University. Whether he is leading workshops, volunteering for non-profits, or enjoying time with his children and grandchildren, John creates paths toward presence and purpose.

Learn more about exploring your own life journey through John’s signature program titled “Ready For What’s Next.”

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