I believe that what I choose as my focus, determines what experiences life brings me. In this “new world” experience that is happening all around us, there are so many examples of the negative impacts CV19 is having. The negative can’t be denied …. nor can we overlook the positive. YES, we must deal with all the problems AND we can highlight and build on the good that is happening at the same time. In that way, what is now “empty”, can become “full” in new ways. What do you choose as your focus?

YES, there is no:                                                          

  • Playing on empty playgrounds AND with kids now at home, parenting has taken on new meaning – and new stress
  • Teaching in empty classrooms AND students are recognizing a new delight in learning, as teachers get creative on-line
  • Working in empty office buildings AND businesses are finding new productivity, as we ”Zoom” with each other all day
  • Production in empty factories AND millions are now feeling the growing economic loss as very significant
  • Eating in empty restaurants AND we are rediscovering the importance of family dinners together
  • Drinking in empty bars AND we are crowding into virtual happy hours…. with no DUI to fear
  • Preaching to empty pews AND yet somehow, we are feeling closer to God/Source/the Universe… and each other
  • Competing in empty stadiums AND we are finding the fun of family games in new ways
  • Performing in empty theaters AND we are finding new drama (and comedy) at home, with our loved ones in starring roles
  • Singing in empty concert halls AND from afar, we are hearing songs each evening from the balconies
  • Shopping in empty malls AND we are finding (almost) all we need on-line and doing porch-drops for neighbors
  • Partying in empty banquet rooms AND streets are filled with dance parties, featuring family and friends – 6’ apart!
  • Flying in empty planes AND there is a welcome rest from the hassle and needed restoration in the quiet
  • Sleeping in empty hotels AND at home now, we have discovered new-found family time and deeper relationships
  • Driving on empty rush-hour highways AND we are noticing skies are blue again and skylines are becoming clear of smog
  • Gathering of friends on empty front porches AND every night at 8pm those porches are filled with neighbors clapping and cheering in gratitude for our new “front-line” heroes
  • Grieving in empty chapels AND we hear choirs serenade their condolences for our losses from curbsides

Yes, there is nonstop care-giving happening all over, in hospital wards that were once empty and now are overflowing. Care is expanding into venues never imagined as ICU’s because ER’s are crowded beyond capacity.

And new healthcare heroes are emerging on these front-lines every day. Deep, deep dedication has been demonstrated beyond what anyone could ever have thought possible. Newbies and retirees both are stepping-up to serve. Selfless care-giving is being taken to new heights.

Breathe for a moment, pause and hold all of this current reality in your awareness and let the enormity of it all touch your heart deeply. Let yourself become aware of the fears this may be calling forth in you. Be present with that fear, let that fear pass through you and make room for your own inner-courage to emerge as a strength that is there in each of us. And let that strength propel you into new choices, for a new reality, we will soon have a chance to create together.

Yes, it is true we are experiencing suffering and loss on a scale never seen in our lifetimes….

And at the same time, we are finding our resilience and resolve, as we learn to work together in new ways. Work that will bring us to a fullness never before experienced, if we let it.

Yes, we have been living in a world that is deeply polarized….

And at this time, we are finding bridges that take us beyond our differences. We are coming together against a common enemy, that knows no boundaries nor cares about any differences we may have been proclaiming as important.

Yes, we are all in this together….

And we can emerge with a oneness the world has never before experienced…. if we will only choose to learn from each YES-AND moment we are now experiencing every day.