From above the wind is brisk this morning

From above the treetops are clear

From above the hills can be seen wide and far.


Surrounded by these rolling ridge tops, the world from above appears whole

Surrounded by trees completely, my world is held secure

Surrounded by blue skies, the world beyond is just out of reach.


The ground that has been brown is now turning green

The woods that were bare, are coming alive

The water below reflects the surrounding beauty without hesitation.


The sun offers its warmth through the brisk cool air

The sun holds it gaze without distraction

The sun brings light to enable me to see.


I see the sorrow I hold just below the surface

I see the significance of the work I have happening right now

I see that healing is coming as I stay present.


I see there are worlds within, yet to be unlocked

I see there is much more surrender that awaits my willingness

I see I am held by a love that does not waiver.


I know how easy it is to be serious about life

I know how free it feels to be easy-going

I know the gifts that come from letting the serious go and opening to the freedom.


Just recently, I let go of the one hand “I had walked miles to be able to hold”

Today I dance on the edge of loss and gain

Tomorrow…..yes, for tomorrow the question now is, what do I want to create for all my tomorrows to come….