The puppies are lying on the floor at the side of the chair.

The glow of the candle casts a warm light on all of us.

I sit at Grandma’s desk that once was Kathy’s favorite place to write.


The richness of the wood now serving as my writing surface feels comforting.

The elevated sides and back of the desk surround me in a loving way.

Sitting here quietly lets me feel the depth of missing Kathy that is so present.


I opened her bedside drawer and was captivated by the fragrance that was Kathy’s.

I melt as I see her smile in the photo now in front of me.

I feel the ever-present tug at my heart from the sweet ache that is now mine.


I would give anything to have her back in this room with me.

I would do anything if the life that was ours was here again.

I would sit in this chair forever if it could let me find her “somewhere in time”.


My tears bring me back to this moment in time.

My broken heart is filled with the love that she brought into my life.

I am opened to new places within, by the love she brought out in me.


That love is the force moving me forward.

That love is providing the guidance for taking that next step.

Our love holds me ready for what will present itself next.


Love builds a strength.

Strength brings new possibilities.

Kathy’s presence for all of us was a continuous call into possibility.


If I can find and stay open to possibility, what will that mean?

If I can let Spirit keep touching my heart, how will I transform?

If I truly can speak from my own open heart, what will I have to say?


Here at Grandma’s desk, I love the feeling of being with the quiet.

I love letting words show up on the page.

Most of all I love that Kathy is now holding me in this place that held her.


New strength for new possibilities.

New energy from the WE that was and will always be ours.

Love so clear and present, as now, I feel Kathy holding my heart in her open hands.