I can imagine a world where it is possible to experience unconditional love, every day. It is a world of tolerance, acceptance, compassion, and care. It is a non-judgmental world; it is a world defined by love. And yes, it is a world that so often feels out of reach.

I believe to get to this world it first starts with myself. What does it mean to love myself unconditionally? What happens when I stop judging myself, when I start accepting myself for just who I am, someone I care deeply about in every way? Through a lens of self-compassion, the world around me starts to shift in ways I find very compelling.

The idea of this world of unconditional love becomes very possible when I make this shift for and about myself. It is not sugarcoating anything, it is truly allowing the Essence of who I am to come into focus, which enables me to see and experience that Essence (or Divinity) in each person I encounter. From that place it is a very new world.