What if we are all here to bring love into the world, in our own way? What if all we really have to do is be loving, in our own small part of the world? And what if all we need to do is pay attention to the love that is already in our lives?

Is it just me or do you see that too?

I had a dream once – more like a vision, actually – of the Earth being showered with love from above. The entire globe was surrounded with a blanket of continuously flowing love. It was such a peaceful, reassuring image. It left me knowing that, despite all that happens in the world every day, there is this love always engulfing the planet – and each one of us. There are times when I recall this image and I slow down for just a moment to find an example of love or appreciation in my life right now. When I do, it helps me recalibrate and find perspective. It helps me move through a tough moment. It enables me to touch a place of joy….and then be able to better deal with what I have in front of me.

Is it just me or does that work for you too?

I am aware of the many hardships happening at this time. I know for me, the isolation and the restrictions are horribly inconvenient (at best) and are bringing up fears and other very real challenges. If only for a moment, there is a way to recognize and acknowledge that fear, see the impact it may be having, work through it and let it go, then there is a chance to create an opening to let some of that ‘love from above’ come in to replace the fear. When that love can find its way to a heart that is hurting, tired or broken, it can mean a moment of relief. Even a moment of comfort or perhaps a moment of healing. From there a strength to go on can be found and it is possible, then, to tap into a resilience that fuels resolve.

Is it just me or does that happen for you too?


Is it just me that wants this Covid19 thing to be over? Of course not, we all do.

Is it just me that wants help in getting through this? Not at all, I believe we all can use some help. And look at how many of us are providing help in some way.

Is it just me that believes we can get through this and come out in a much better place than when this pandemic all started? I believe many see that possibility. I think there are examples each day of people taking steps to make changes now, making new choices or questioning old ways, that will all lead to a better place for them individually and perhaps for us collectively.

Never in my (or our) lifetime has such a pervasive change of this magnitude, happened to all of us, all at the same time. That causes me to pay attention in a new way. It has pushed me to go back to that vision that came to me of how this world is engulfed in love and to hold that vision in my mind. When I do, my heart is touched, it is opened and I know we will come to a good place soon.

Yes, it is just me, feeling my heart touched in those moments …. and then, what heart does that let me touch in the next moment?