Glowing candles, racing mind, pounding heart.
Snuggled dogs, quiet morning, comforting surroundings.
It’s a combination that makes for inviting space.

This inviting space is actually a holding place for my New Space.
My New Space is unfamiliar space, yet compelling space.
It is clear only in feeling, at the moment.

The feelings of joy and fear that are showing up as excitement.
The sense of lightness, relief, and openness persist.
The combination wakes me up inside and pushes me to jump into a new day.

How have I come to this space?
Where do I go from this place?
These are questions I am so happy to get to examine.

My work over the past year.
The love and encouragement of so many.
That is the combination that has brought me to this moment.

Before me is the gift of now being able to create yet another new life.
Being able to actually see that for myself seems incredulous.
Being willing to step-in and own this new space as mine brings up the fear.

However, this is the moment to “run to the roar”.
This is the moment to open myself, move into and through that fear.
For I know beyond this moment of fear, is a new life of joy.

My insides tremble.
My hands shake.
My tears flow.

My familiar place has been working through moments of deep grief.
My new space is pushing me into an unknown Both/And combination.
I know there are Both moments of grief yet to come, And a whole new world to discover.

I am giving myself permission to hold each and both simultaneously.
I am choosing to consciously work with it all in a soul-filled way.
I am claiming the empowerment that this offers and the chance to make up a new life from this New Space.