It happens without warning
It happens without trying
It only happens in the present moment.

When it does happen, I look back and realize,
All worries were somewhere not to be found
It was a momentary exchange with another
There was total focus in the moment
I spoke from a completely open heart.

A smile appears, theirs and mine
Playfulness often ensues
Laughter can be heard
My step feels lighter
I feel propelled forward
And joy persists

The opening within my heart is real
The same is true for the other I believe
The exchanges are spontaneous and energized
And joy persists

There is nothing else needed in the moment
It really helps to notice the joy and name it
And even if it’s only a nod of recognition
Joy persists

What I pay attention to is called into action
I know the universe will match my offer
Then with intention,
Joy persists

Wholehearted kindness feels like a sweet alternative to sadness
Acknowledging an other brings a connection that quiets any sorrow
Feeling free to step into an exchange opens hearts even more
And joy persists.

The progression of time for healing is one thing
This is a progression of heart to heart engagement
When I allow it, initiate it and engage it in the moment
Healing expands, lightness ensues and ….no kidding,
Joy persists.