I feel the crisp cool air touching my skin

I feel the warmth of the bright sun overhead

I feel the earth I am sitting on, firm and nurturing.

I sense my own vibrancy coming from within.


I smell the dampness of the ground below me

I smell the straw scattered around nearby

I smell the freshness in the air as it moves through the trees.

I sense a new time of growth emerging within me.


I hear the birds singing their morning songs

I hear the wind as it moves through the branches above

I hear the leaves as they dance on the ground all around.

I sense a voice of excitement deep within me.


I taste the sweetness of the honey in my first cup of tea

I taste the damp musk that is hovering in the outside air

I taste the morsel of oatmeal left behind from an early breakfast.

I sense the flavor of something new, ready to be discovered.


I see the red Cardinals in the pine tree next to the dogwoods whose branches are showing white blossoms amidst brown leaves covering the ground spotted with an emerging green surrounding scattered purple flowers with tiny yellow centers.

I see the gifts of the world around me

I see there is so much more to pay attention to and learn.

I sense the possibilities I now hold within me.


What is it then that I know?

What is it now that I am aware of within?

What is it that calls from within that wants to be brought forth next?


The sudden rush of wind insists that I stop and listen now.

It bursts through the trees to get my deeper self to pay attention.

It calms as I surrender to let the silence draw from me the answers that I hold.