When I started, I thought this book was to be a reflection on the life that I shared with my late wife, Kathy. As I’ve worked with my experience of that unbelievable life together, then unexpectedly losing her and the movement through my grieving process, a different focus has emerged. That focus is about where I find myself today, given the journey throughout my entire life of understanding and experiencing unconditional love and the journey through the evolution of my consciousness.

The journey through love, is first and foremost about self-love and then about the experience of loving and being loved by others. The journey of my consciousness evolution started early and has only accelerated over time. This larger journey through love and consciousness has actually unfolded through what I call, my “four lifetimes”. Each of these lifetimes has included an experience of love, loss, grief and inevitably a renewal, leading to the “next life”. Each lifetime has also brought new awareness that has led to new levels of consciousness.

While I will speak to the journey through my past experiences, it is where I am at present that is the real story. I want to be able to explain the significance of where I am today. It is in this place that I find myself coming alive as my new life unfolds.

That coming alive has brought me to a new clarity through my lifetimes of experience, such that I now believe it IS possible to live every day in the consciousness that is experienced as unconditional love.

This book is aimed at taking the reader to their version of that conclusion.