William Blake said, “The deeper the sorrow, the greater the joy.”

Reflecting on this thought brings me to a realization of the “Yes, And” that is present in my life today:


Yes, the sorrow finds its way routinely into my life these days.

And along the way, there is truly developing, more space between these times of sadness.


Yes, the sadness comes and calls me into its presence, such that I cannot turn away.

And in that space between, when I pay attention and look closely, there is joy, happiness and even delight.


Yes, I know that in honoring the presence of loss, I will find my way to new life.

And that realization brings me to understand, I have gifts to acknowledge in this space between.


What happens if I slow down and give the space between as much care and attention as the times of sadness?

What will I find if I let my focus linger longer in this space between and marinate in the joy that presents itself?

What healing could that allowance of immersion offer in my journey?


The smile of a passer-by, a ray of sun catching the rustling palm leaves, the encouragement of a friend, the shouts of children lost in play.

Each bring a moment of joy, they are all there and each has its place in the space between.

They are all present for the noticing, if only I am open to the world around me.


Is the world around me, there for me or am I there for it?

The call to pay attention seems more poignant when I realize the significance of the space between, while honoring the space within.

It becomes a duty then, to be with what is showing-up as life all around me.


The moments of joy come and lift me up, just as the pain of the sadness remains real.

Allowing the moments of delight to be held in reverence is a must, just as acknowledging the sorrow from loss must continue.

Joy and sadness …. sorrow and delight, each so very far apart, yet held so closely together while being pushed further apart, by the space between.

It makes me smile, inside and out.   It fills my open heart with love over-flowing.